Facial Care

Our skin product answers these demands with 100% Marine active ingredients end treatments. You will be seduced by their efficiency and originality. According to your skin’s needs, your therapist will propose the appropriate treatment to meet your expectations.

For oily skin. A self-heating mask detoxifies and rebalances to instantly correct skin problems, combined with the anti-shine effect of a purifying cream mask, your complexion regains luminosity.

Hour - (1 1/2hr )

This treatment is rich in marine actives that brighten skin. The treatment begins with an intensive exfoliation with natural hyper-pigmentation reducing properties and is follows by a cream mask. The skin is illuminated, soft and radian. Recommended in series of treatment.

Hour - (1 1/2hr )

Chemical peel (removing black & white head$ deed cells)

+ Rehydration skin & brightening (with Amino Acids)

+ RF (Radio Frequency tightening and firming face and chin)

+ Suitable Skin Mask with light therapy.

(Deep cleansing-rejuvenation/lightening

(Rehydration skin & brightening with serum)

+ RF (Radio Frequency tightening and firming face and chin)

+ Suitable Skin Mask with light therapy.

(cleansing-exfoliation-extraction-massage-mask and moisturizer). 

(produces more collagen and elastin)

your skin firm and smooth

+ Suitable Skin Mask & cooling)

Gently exfoliate, (remove the thicker, rougher outer layer)

+ Suitable Skin Mask & cooling)

Healing and smoothing of scar (remove the outermost layers of skin)

+Suitable Skin Mask & cooling)

oxygenate the skin and kill bacteria on contact

Electromagnetic energy contract the collagen fibers skin tightening effect, delayed collagen synthesis

Unlocking the Secrets of Facial Skin Care

Hey there, beautiful soul! Navigating the world of facial skin care? Well, you’re in the right place. Dive into this guide where we explore the art and science of pampering that lovely visage of yours.

The Imperative of Superior Facial Skin Care

Facial skin demands a special touch. Ever wondered why some faces radiate health while others look tired? Proper facial skin care plays a pivotal role, shielding against environmental damage, fighting signs of aging, and promoting a radiant complexion.

Fundamentals of an Effective Facial Regime

Cleansing: Essential for shedding the day’s wear and tear. Adopt the twice-a-day mantra: morning and night.

Toning: The unsung hero! Toners complete the cleansing process, ensuring a truly deep clean.

Skin Brightening

Treatment: Yearning for that radiant glow? Incorporating a skin brightening treatment can rejuvenate and add a luminous touch to your complexion.

Exfoliating: This is like hitting the reset button, revealing the fresh skin beneath. Twice a week should do the trick.

Facial Skin Care Near Me: Tailored Care for Distinct Skin Types

Searching for “facial skin care near me“? Finding a regime tailored to your skin type is closer than you think:

Oily Skin: Blame those overactive oil glands. Opt for products with a matte finish to keep that shine in check.

Dry Skin: Hydration is your mantra. Embrace those hydrating serums and thick creams.

Combination Skin: Walking the tightrope? Individualized treatment is your best friend here.

Sensitive Skin: Seek out gentler, hypoallergenic products to avoid flare-ups and irritation.

The Role of Diet and Hydration in Facial Health

Did you know? What you eat is mirrored on your face! Fresh fruits, veggies, and ample water are the secret ingredients to that enviable glow.

The Influence of Sleep on Skin Health

Beauty sleep isn’t a myth. Your skin rejuvenates as you drift into dreamland. So, are you getting those 8 hours?

Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

Love the sun but hate the damage? Slather on some SPF! Remember, UVA and UVB protection is crucial.

Mythbusters: Debunking Common Skincare Myths

Popping Pimples: Tempting but a big no-no! Want a scar as a permanent reminder?

Tanning for Acne: Sun-kissed or sun-cursed? Spoiler: UV isn’t a cure for acne.

Innovations in Facial Care: What’s Trending?

From jade rollers to LED masks, staying on top of skincare trends can be exhilarating. But remember, not every trend fits all!

The Connection Between Mental Health and Skin Health

Ever noticed stress breakouts? Your mental well-being and skin are interconnected in more ways than you’d think!

The Final Touch: Makeup and Skin Care

Makeup’s fun, but remember to let your skin breathe. Also, never hit the bed with makeup on.

Conclusion: Your Personalized Approach to Facial Care

Skin care isn’t one-size-fits-all. Understand your skin, listen to it, and tailor your routine. After all, your face tells your story. Why not make it a bestseller?